There can be times in our life when exhaustion and depletion seem never-ending.

 This can occur:

 - After or during a period of prolonged stress

-  After surgery or childbirth

 - As a result of chronic illness

 - After a major life event, divorce, redundancy, house move, etc.

 - Following the death of a loved one or a series of multiple losses.


If you would like help to reclaim your energy, as naturally and efficiently as possible, please give yourself the gift of an hours 'Energy Recovery' session with me. 

Here we will design a simple yet effective daily Self Help Programme you can use to release the effects of fatigue from your system, and restore your innate vitality.

You will also receive a uniquely blended Flower Essence Combination for your own personal Energy Recovery. 


 Sharon Keenan - Founder of The Energy Recovery Programme  


'Energy Recovery' 1 Hour Session 

A one-to-one session to help you reclaim your energy.

This session can be taken in person in Southampton, or by phone or Zoom.

Session times can be arranged by emailing Sharon on


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