The beneficial effects of Nettle Essence in an easy to use format.   













Available in either drops or spray use this Essence whenever you would like to:

- help your body adapt to the effects of living in the Wi-Fi age

- cleanse and purify your system 

- give yourself a 'Spring Clean' feeling every time you use it.



Nettle Essence - Ready to take dosage bottle 

An easy to use formula in a beautiful 30ml blue glass bottle.

This Essence contains New Forest Spring Water, Organic Vodka and Energetic infusion of Nettle.

A non-alcoholic version is available, which has Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a preservative. Simply click on this option when ordering.

(+ postage: £4)
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Nettle Essence Spray 

A refreshing Essence spray in a beautiful 50ml Blue glass spray bottle. 

(+ postage: £4)

Practitioner Strength Nettle Essence 

10ml of Nettle Essence at stock strength. 

(+ postage: £4)

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