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 We are currently upgrading our site to include all 28 of the EarthSong Essences. Below are the 5 most popular... and our combination 'Harmony'. To discover more about the complete set please refer to the downloadable catalogue here:




Essences are available in beautiful 30ml blue glass dropper bottles - diluted to dosage strength and ready to use. Simply take a few drops directly under the tongue, or placed in water and sipped slowly.


EarthSong Essences have been lovingly made with the full co-operation of Nature.

2 of the Essences in the initial series were made in a remote part of Andalucia, Southern Spain and the remaining 3 were made in Hampshire, UK.

They are called EarthSong Essences as they help us to get back 'in tune' with ourselves, our lives and this beautiful planet that we share. 


Profound Security (Papaver Rheus)  

The essence of deep inner calm during times of intense fear and challenge. Promotes feelings of the deepest peace.. and helps us to tap into the essence of who we are. A very good essence for grounding.


Clear Mind (Eruca sativa)  

The essence of discernment. Helps us see the Truth of a situation, strengthens intuition and is an excellent aid to meditation. An importan remedy to help focus the mind on the here and now, and cut through the 'mental chatter'.


Healing Grief (A composite essence of plants from the New Forest)                                        

              An essence to connect us back to the eternal rhythm of Nature. Softens and warms us when we are frozen with grief. Brings movement back and reminds us that 'every end is the seed of a new beginning'.


 New Beginnings (Colletia armada)     

Cuts through old programmes of conditioning. An excellent aid to help step out of addictive or dysfunctional patterns. Helps us move forward with Grace and Ease into  a brand new way of being.

 Divine Timing (Dactylorhiza fuchsia)      

The essence of alignment and elegant protection. Perfect for the highly sensitive and creative individual. Helps us to tap into a powerful current of Divine energy which allows us to create with more Grace and Ease. Helps us be upright and act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter.





Please look towards the end of this page for details on how to order your Essences. 


For those interested in bulk purchases please contact Sharon on sharon.essence@gmail.com for discount rates for your clinic or shop.



In addition to choosing EarthSong Essences for yourself you can choose to access a deeper level of emotional support with an individual Flower Essence Consultation.

Using over 15 years experience and drawing on a vast range of Essences in addition to EarthSong Essences, (including Bach/Healing Herbs, Alaskan Essences, Australian Bush Flowers & Indigo Essences) an hour's individual Consultation with Sharon offers a precise and profound level of healing.

Consultations can take place either in person in Sharon's clinic in the heart of Southampton, by phone or on Skype.



'Of The Essence' 10ml Stock Essence
(+ postage: £3.50)
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'Of The Essence' Ready to Use 30ml Dosage Essence
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Individual Flower Essence Consultation

Your opportunity to have an individual blend of Flower & Gem Essences made for you.                                                You are invited to ask the Nature Kingdom to support you very deeply and fully, and then receive that energetic support in the form of your own energetic elixir.


'Inner Peace - In a Bottle' Room Spray

An exquisite Natural Room Spray to add a little more Peace into any space. Containing Organic Essential oil of Lavender and Flower Essences of Bluebell, Grape Hyacinth, Linden Blossom, Snowdrop & White Chestnut

(+ postage: £3.50)

Custom Made Essence Blend

An individual 30ml Dosage Bottle, custom made for you following a 20 minute session. We can either have the session face to face or via phone or internet


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