Here we have a chance to connect with the Wisdom and Light help within .. with some help from Mistletoe

Meeting the Mistletoe


'It's All Light' is the message Mistletoe gave to me. 'It's All Light'



My Mistletoe Journey began in in the winter of 2014 when I began to really notice the massive bunches of Mistletoe in the tall branches of a particular tree in West Park Southampton. This beautiful park between my home and the City is the one nearest to me, and I go through it regularly to go into town.


Sometimes, if I was feeling down in those quiet dark years following the death of Jake, and didn't feel like reaching out one of my human friends, I would go to this tree and share my woes.



The tree always listened generously, and I was always very grateful.


One night, on the way home from somewhere, I was caught in the rain.

I stopped at 'My Mistletoe Tree' on the way home, to take shelter. I became very aware of the Mistletoe up above me, and had a notion to go and stand underneath it.

As the rain cam does, I felt within it the fine mist of the Mistletoe.

I was having a Mistletoe shower..!

What a gift…!

After that I felt even more bonded to my Mistletoe Tree… and noticed it even more and more.

I discovered you could buy Mistletoe Tea and thought I'd give it a try. I really liked the strong healthy taste, and usually have at least one cup a day.

One day I went to say hello, and could see all of these tiny bright yellow flowers growing under the tree. A strong mustard yellow colours, tiny and star shaped. I was intrigued…. and a bit excited too as I had never seen this type of flower before.

When I looked more closely I could see they weren't growing… they were laying on the top of the grass. They had fallen from the Mistletoe..!

Wow…!! Mistletoe has flowers…. I never knew… !!

They were mesmerising, tiny tough flowers, but with a pattern so delicate looking.

I gathered some up (carefully.. as I'd heard Mistletoe was poisonous, but I didn't know how exactly) took then home and placed them on my altar.

Just before Yule in 2017 I dropped in to say hello to my Mistletoe tree, and saw on the ground several beautiful sprigs of Mistletoe. I had the instant 'knowing' that this was a gift from the Mistletoe and that I was to make an Essence with it.

I felt very humbled by this, and carefully took my sprigs home to make the Essence.

When the Essence was made no parts of the plant touched the water, so there is no physical element to the Essence.

It was made by placing the Mistletoe near the water, while I listened to the plant and observed as it transferred its energy into the bowl.

This water was then bottled and the sprigs bound with red wool and placed on top to give it another Blessing.

The immediate messages from the Mistletoe was that this Essence may help us refine our relationship with Light.

The energy felt it was help in a similar way to a beautiful Pacific sea Essence, co-created by Sabina Petit, called Diatoms. Diatoms are single celled creatures, etc….)

The similarity between the 2 is in the way that it helps to bring more Light into the Being.

On Monday 8th January 2018, during a meeting of like minded Women, run by my dear friend, colleague and mentor Sara Estelle Turner of Essentially Flowers, I was invited to declare a creative focus for the next 24 hours.

I had been part of a group transformational journey, and as part of that journey the week before I had cleared some vey big blocks, and some residual fears around 'The Witch Wound'. As a result of this inner work, I felt ready to make a deeper connection to being on the planet and embodying my power. The Essence of this focus was, for me. to deepen my commitment to be a voice for Nature. To be a Nature Advocate.

The next morning I had a wonderful Yoga class, and at the end of the class I was speaking to my friend about SAD syndrome. She suffers with is every year, and I was sharing my thoughts on how I feel it's not an illness at all, it's totally natural to be sleepy in the wintertime, we are mammals after all…!

I feel that it's society which is ill… bit telling us we should keep going in the physical 'run, run, run' all year round, regardless of what our pineal gland is telling the rest of the body to do.

'Body says no'… is actually a loving sign from your body to pay attention to what is out of balance in our daily life, and ignoring 100s of 1000s of years of evolution is not going to be a good move, in my opinion.

On my way home form this conversation I was walking quite near my Mistletoe Tree, so I thought I'd pop over and tell it I was just talking about it with my friend.

So I went over and had a brief chat, and then I had the feeling it may have left me a gift,

I looked in 'the usual place' which is to the South West of the tree where I find the sprigs and sometimes the flowers. I saw these 3 lovely sprigs, with lots of berries on, and I was like 'Wow'… 'Thank You'…

I then felt a pull to walk around the tree.. and what I saw next stopped me in my tracks.

It was a huge branch of Mistletoe laying on the ground.

It was quite simply the most beautiful and extraordinary thing I have ever seen ….

I knew instantly it was for me to collect…..

I knew instantly it was a reply to the commitment I'd made to Nature the night before…..

I knew instantly that my life was never going to be quite the same again……

I was in awe for ages… just looking at it in disbelief. I picked it up… it felt heavy… but light… delicate…. but so very strong… pulsing with Life.

It was a similar feeling to when I had an owl land on my arm during a day of bird handling… that I was in the presence of a wild creature… that had temporarily come into my world…. and me into its.

I took some photographs and made a short in situ video…and then I took it home.

As I carried it through the park… I was amazed at the way it moved… it was so full of berries… and they were strongly held on the branches.. but dancing lightly.

When I got home …about a 10 minute walk away…. I went to my Mistletoe Essence on my altar… removed the existing bunch of Mistletoe and took it and this branch to my big round table. I'd been told to clear everything off the table… and actually everything around it… and to place the branch on the top.




Thankfully it held it very snuggly…. and as I left it there.. I could feel the Mistletoe giving the Mother Essence a huge Blessing.

I just sat there in awe….. gazing at it… for ages. I began to hear it's message… and wrote down the following:


Space Clearing

Light bringing

Get out of the way the Light is coming'

It didn't want any electromagnetic things around it… just pure space.

I had a client coming for Jin Shin Jyutsu later that day. She is a fellow Complementary Therapist (retired now) so I knew she'd be quite Ok with the energetics of the plant… even so I let her know beforehand that the room layout would be different.

Later that day I was told the Mistletoe wanted to be shown to a group of women I work online with… to impart some energy to them through the internet.

The Mistletoe downloaded lots of information to me in my dream that first night… mostly in the form of Light. It showed me that we connect with each other through Light pathways, and that as we clear our pathways, so we can connect more efficiently with each other.

This communication can cross dimensions.

Over the next couple of days I had a few 'unexpected visitors' … people dropping in …. and in each case I was told the Mistletoe wanted to give them a 'Limpia'.

This is an aura cleansing where a bunch of healing plants are dipped in spring water and then the water is gently flicked over the person.. to cleanse them of negative energy.

I was told to spray the plant with spring water ..and then gently sway it into the persons aura in specific places (mostly in the areas of the Three Cauldrons, base, heart and head)

Over the next few days I did several Limpia.

What most people experienced were

  • tiny pinpricks of Light over their bodies
  • feeling like toxins (especially old emotional toxins being pulled out of their aura
  • huge feelings of Love
  • a clearing of feelings of heaviness
  • overwhelming feelings of gratitude
  • wanting to let to let go of grudges
  • a huge sense of connectivity with themselves and others.

Since those intense few days of Limplas, the energy of the Mistletoe is waning.

The Mistletoe has asked me to do one last Limpia with its current form.. for All.. and to record it. Once that has been done I will upload it here. 

It has asked me to keep it in the cool (I have turned the heating off in my flat apart from a little oil fired radiator I have by my desk to see my legs and feet warm)

It is having a wooden structure designed and built by 2 of my friends children (Ben aged 10 and Will aged 8) They have just started home education… so it is a project they are doing as part of learning about trees. (I was told my The Mistletoe to set them this task, so they would learn about all sorts of things, co-operation being the main one)

The experience of sharing space with this Being has been a very heart-opening and truly humbling experience. I am it's advocate, its voice. I am so inexpressibly grateful to receive this beautiful and wise friend into my life.

Since meeting the Mistletoe I have learnt about this project. In several parts of Europe Mistletoe is used as a treatment for certain cancers. There is currently one place in the UK (that I know of) that offers Mistletoe Therapy. It is here: 


As part of this work there is also a fundraising campaign to further much needed research in this area. 

I have been told by the Mistletoe to donate 10% of all sales of Mistletoe products that I make from it (sprays or Essence drops) to this fund.



Free postage on the 100ml sprays.

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'It's All Light' - Mistletoe Essence Spray 100ml Free Postage.

A beautiful blue glass mister containing Mistletoe Essence in New Forest Spring Water & preseved in Organic Vodka. Unscented.


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